Our main treatment consists of finding what is your problem and working on it and helping you solve it.

  1. Listening to your complaints
  2. Making a decision as to what to test
  3. Analyzing those test
  4. Decision as to what therapy will solve your problem
  5. Testing that therapy to see if it agrees with you
  6. Cranial Adjusting - Neurological testing and treatment Brain based therapies, Metabolic Blood testing and interpolations, Applying therapy; adjusting, nutrition, physical medicine, heat/ice machines, exercise, herbs, counseling
  7. Blood & Stool testing when indicated
  8. Testing to see if what was applied was effective

Our testing can mean anything.  It begins with simple things done physically, like checking for instability, muscle testing, reflex testing, eyes (blind spot mapping), etc.

Other tests are sent to labs when needed.

Therapies include: decompression, laser, ultrasound, electrical stimulation of various kinds, supports, exercise, intermittent traction, rehab, various nutritional and essential oils. There are others but this gives you an idea.

Adjusting of the spine, muscles and nerves.  Craniopaths adjust heads and affect the 12 nerves which go from brain to tissue.

If we find you are doing something causing your problem we ask you to change, cancel and retrain - give you homework.